Carlene Caton-Green (2nd Grade)

Carlene Caton-Green

Nicknamed the “World Traveler,” Mrs. Carlene Green was highly motivated and eager to begin a teaching career and positively impact the lives of her very own students. She began the groundwork with years of substitute teaching at her Elementary & High School, in Canada. She later completed her Bachelors of Arts in Business with a minor in Psychology and Labor Studies at York University in Canada. She then went on to pursue her Masters of Science in Elementary Education at Canisius College in New York.

Immediately following the completion of her program, Mrs. Green was offered an opportunity to teach a multigrade 5/6 classroom. The following year, she took an opportunity to teach a multigrade 2/3 class in Venezuela. Thereafter, her interest in Asian culture placed her in Taiwan, where she taught ESL at 2 schools, including an iPad school. Her travels then took her to St. Lucia where she taught a multigrade 7/8 class and a Grade 12 Nutrition Course. She came full circle back to her hometown Toronto and was blessed with the opportunity to teach a multi-grade 4/5/6 class where she felt inspired to pilot a Modern Technology iPad Program for the school, enabling them to keep up with technological advances in education. The program was quite successful and completely meshed with her teaching philosophy, which is to bring students into the twenty-first century, utilizing a unique combination of technology, current educational strategies and real-world learning environments.

Mrs. Green is an advocate of the holistic development of students as the foundation of current and future success. She firmly believes that with Christ, all things are possible and infuses her faith into her teachings, so that students can experience Jesus and realize no matter what today’s world throws at them, they have an all-powerful God to whom they can always turn. Mrs. Caton-Green has decided to settle down in Georgia with her husband and feels privileged to join the Academy of Scholars family.