Jillian Marsh (PreK)

Jillian Marsh (PreK)Ms. Marsh has taught various elementary grades during the last six years in Budapest, Hungary, the state of Indiana, and here in Georgia. Most recently she re-vamped, re-branded, and re-structured Hello World Children’s Ministry for Blueprint Church in Atlanta. For the last two years, she has written curriculum and trained volunteers for Hello World. She is immensely excited to be re-entering the classroom setting!

Ms. Marsh has always been passionate about growth and development which—paired with her training and credentials—allows her to help people move forward to pursue their dreams at any age!

A Georgia and Indiana State certified Pre-K – 5th grade teacher, Ms. Marsh is a graduate of Taylor University with a degree in Elementary Education. Ms. Marsh is also a professional life coach. She opened her practice, Streamline Coaches, in April 2014.