Kristin Rutland (2nd Grade)

rutland1With five years of teaching experience, Mrs. Kristin Rutland is excited to start her 6th year with The Academy of Scholars in 2015. She says she has been both challenged and blessed to teach a diverse array of learners and she uses every tool she learned in the day-to-day classroom environment. During her five years, she has served as a school coordinator for writing and fine arts.

Mrs. Rutland has a heart for students and their families. You can easily spot this in her classroom environment and in every moment that her students are in her care. She is committed to excellence.

Mrs. Rutland’s classroom motto is: “Each day, in EVERY way, I get better and better.” Each day is a new beginning to improve, not only in “work” but also in “self”. In addition, she combines creativity with technology to enhance her students’ learning experiences.

Mrs. Rutland has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts in Christian Education.