Marteen Blue (2nd Grade)

At an early age, Mrs. Blue knew she would be involved in education in some capacity due to her passion for learning. It was that very passion that led her around the world educating students of diverse backgrounds. In addition to America, she has experience teaching in Northeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Mrs. Blue dedicated a portion of her time to traveling for nearly eighteen months learning the customs, traditions and cultures of others. After ten plus dynamic years abroad, Mrs. Blue decided that it was time to return home to use those experiences to better those in her country.

Mrs. Blue is from Alabama and holds a Master of Education in Educational Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Alabama State University. Her aim is to bestow an open-mind, positive attitude, and high expectations to her scholars each day. She believes these qualities will give children an opportunity to grow beyond the classroom.

In her spare time, Mrs. Blue enjoys traveling with her husband, exercising and socializing.