D. Cathryn Weems (2nd Grade)

Cathryn Weems is an enthusiastic educator trying to make a difference one student at a time. The passion that she has for working with children is one that has evolved from an incredibly young age. At the tender age of 16 she began her journey of working with children through babysitting and nannying. Interning and student teaching for Gwinnett county led to her acquiring her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Special Education from Georgia State University.

She has had the pleasure of creating innovative lessons, which allows for differentiation in the classroom. Lessons that should be able to accommodate any student on any level because  no two students are the same. As her journey progressed into the classroom, teaching Pre-K for one year and then being promoted to Kindergarten was an exceptional delight. After two years of teaching in Georgia, she then decided to take her passion for working with young minds international.

Traveling being another desire of hers, led  Ms. Weem’s  to an abroad teaching experience which lasted  3 years. She taught grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 teaching English as a second language, culture classes, and art as an after school extracurricular. Art being passion number three, Ms. Weems has taken art classes and has drawn and painted since primary school.   Art now acts as a stress reliever and as a method of expression as she integrates it with the general curriculum.

Ms. Weem believes  in AOS’s school mission,  to develop  scholars to their fullest intellectual, moral, spiritual, emotional, physical, and social potential in a safe, supportive, interactive, and nurturing environment and looks forward to sharing her talent and skills with scholars and their families,