An’Gelique Humphrey

Before coming to the Academy of Scholars, Ms. Humphrey taught 3rd through 9th grade students with autism and ADHD. As an Education Coordinator, she facilitated the individual programs for EIP students, but her passion for direct student involvement inspired her to go back into the classroom.

A certified teacher, Ms. Humphrey has 9 years of teaching experience with 5 of those years as an Early Childhood Education teacher in the Atlanta Public School System and 3 years teaching private school in Cobb County. She has a bachelor’s degree from Clark Atlanta University.  As an alumna of Teach for America, she has taught various grade levels. She has also been a facilitator for The Treasure Box School of Etiquette Program, which campaigns for teaching young ladies the importance of self-esteem and positive thinking.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, An’Gelique Humphrey is a Christian, an active participant in the arts, and has always had a passion for making a positive impact on her community through leadership and service. She has produced several children’s plays as well as held student art showcases. She believes in destroying the box rather than just thinking outside of it and lives by the motto, “Aspire to Inspire.”