Tracey Smith

Ms. Smith has been a passionate public and private school educator for over 10 years and is
excited to start her first year at The Academy of Scholars! She is a lifelong learner with a vision
of instilling a love for lifelong-learning in all of her scholars. Ms. Smith believes that in order to
become well-rounded leaders, it is important for scholars to govern their learning and value
education and academic opportunities.

She believes all scholars are capable of greatness and encourages and motivates them to achieve academic success. Therefore, it is her goal to facilitate a positive learning environment, where scholars feel safe to push themselves and take chances on more challenging tasks. Ms. Smith is dedicated to helping scholars find and build their strengths to reach their highest potential. She finds joy in developing character and teaching her scholars how to be socially and emotionally resilient, as they discover their identity and navigate the world around them.

When Ms. Smith is not teaching, you can find her serving in her church’s prayer and youth
ministry, performing in plays, attending sporting events, traveling, and spending time with
family and friends.

Ms. Smith is a native of Florida and a graduate of Florida A & M University with a degree in
Psychology. Ms. Smith is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Education.