Nelson Raphael (Coding Instructor)

Mr. Nelson Raphael was raised in Decatur, Georgia and pursued his Bachelor of Science
degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in German from the Georgia Institute of
Technology in Atlanta Georgia. He served as a Pre-College Initiative chair for the Georgia Tech
Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, which required him to design programming
and events geared towards encouraging grade school student matriculation into STEAM majors.
Outside of this Mr. Raphael participated in undergraduate research in the robotics field,
particularly specializing in search and rescue robotics. This required him to develop algorithms
for robotic function based on design problem constraints in various coding languages. His
research group’s work was later published in the 2019 Proceedings of the National Conference of
Undergraduate Research.

Being the son of a teacher Mr. Raphael has been shaped by the many experiences that
most grade school teachers have imparted to their students. Thus, he has been ingrained with an
attitude to always seek to educate others, when they seek to better their understanding. Paying it
forward is one of his biggest strategies when it comes to positively influencing our youth and
changing their narrative for the better. As a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., he
firmly stands by their motto “Culture for Service, Service for Humanity.” Always seeking
creative ways to pour back into his community and enhance the gifts of others.

During his spare time Mr. Raphael enjoys weightlifting, running through his
neighborhood, doing community service, and spending time with friends. He is enthusiastic
about being able to educate AOS scholars as they continue their journey into Computer Science
and we move into the upcoming school year!