Student Exceed

Students Exceed Available Seats

We anticipate that enrollment applications will exceed capacity for the 2013-2014 academic year. To avoid being added to the wait list, please complete the following steps. Failure to comply will result in the seat currently reserved for your child being filled by another student.

Corporate sponsors have released funds for The Academy Of Scholars charter class. We look forward to the coming school year.

1. Complete the on-line Household Income Verification Form. Although awards are not based solely on income, this information is required from each family.

After receiving your Household Income Verification Form, a member of our Admissions Team will contact you to schedule a date to review your award. If you have not completed your family interview and testing, the corporate award will be conditional upon your child meeting enrollment requirements.

2. Complete the on-line Uniform Size Form for each child.

Please note the size selection is to help us with ordering. You will be able to try on the items before purchasing.

3. If you have not paid your application fee, all fees must be paid before your child can attend class.