PikMyKid App & Parking Lot Process

Welcome New Families and Returning Veterans!

As you know, The Academy of Scholars has grown significantly this school year. This means more families, more students, more teachers, and ABOUT 70 MORE CARS. We have added two exit lanes through the North Exit and have designed a pick up / drop off system that will help get everyone in and out in a quick and orderly fashion. To do this, we have an App and a Process. We know the first week or so will be hectic as everyone gets used to new things. But, with your help, we know it will get better. As always, please be mindful of those around you. Continue reading for the details….



The PikMyKid app is required to be used by every family at AOS. It is available for free download in your smart phone’s app store. Once you have downloaded the app, press the orange “Register as New User” button.

Make sure you register with the mobile number of the phone you are using and that the number is on file with The Academy of Scholars.

After Registration is complete and your phone number is verified, you should log into the application. You should see your child’s name listed on the home page of the app after logging in. 

Click Here to download a Parent Training Guide.


Share The Road

You must attach, from the inside of your car, the AOS-provided carpool number (sticker) to the upper right-hand side (passenger side) of the windshield of your vehicle. If your carpool number is not displayed, it will delay the carpool dismissal process.

In addition, while in the carpool lane, we ask that you move closer to the car in front of you to minimize gaps between cars and to move cars from the road to the carpool lane. We have a lot of cars to get into the carpool lane and we need to maximize the space.

We will be monitoring carpool at dismissal, and may ask you to move forward to make room for additional cars. By working together, we are certain that we will be able to remedy any concerns and make this process as pleasant as possible.