September CLO Update

The 2020/2021 AOS Brick and Mortar school year kicked off with a dynamic virtual start on August 17th!  Scholars and parents were able to “Meet the Teacher” through virtual one-on-one meetings the week of August 10th through August 14th.   Our virtual parent orientation video was shared the week of August 10th.  The orientation video was one way we ensured a smooth start to the school year.  Parents who engaged the orientation video learned all about AOS’s Learning Management System, Canvas, and how to navigate this platform to access AOS’s other instructional resources such as Savvas, Renaissance, Sora, Rockalingua and Sadlier.  If you have not had an opportunity to watch the video, it is not too late.  It is available for viewing 24/7, every 15 minutes after you register (Click here to register).

Since the official start of school on August 17th, we have learned a lot about virtual learning and how best to meet the varied needs of our school community.  PreK and Kindergarten scholars were given chromebooks in place of tablets to ensure a successful virtual learning experience.  Scholars have been able to engage in virtual sessions, some with minimal adult assistance. Thank you to everyone, parents, grandparents, other family members and friends for assisting as coaches as classroom teachers instruct scholars and help them navigate through the learning platform.   This is a new way of schooling and we appreciate the patience and support that the AOS school community has provided.  While it is our preference to interact with our scholars daily in the traditional face to face manner, we have to err on the side of caution and consider the risk factors associated with face to face instruction and its impact on our teachers, scholars and their families.  In the meantime, we are committed to providing an exceptional virtual learning experience that will allow our scholars to flourish intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As we continue with virtual instruction through the first marking period, we ask that you watch the orientation video for virtual learning if you have not done so yet. There is basic information regarding how to navigate the learning management system that is helpful and can assist you in resolving questions and issues you may have while navigating the learning management system.  Mr. Crane (Assistant Director of Student Success, Ms. Herd (Director of Curriculum and Instruction) and I, have kept a daily presence in classrooms.  You will see one or all of us throughout the course of the day on classroom Microsoft Teams.  Please do not be alarmed.  Our purpose for being in the teams is to assist teachers, parents and scholars if technical or navigational issues occur.  In closing, here are helpful tips for parents to consider while providing an environment conducive to learning in a virtual setting:

  1. Reduce Distractions:  The surrounding environment can be a big distraction. Having favorite toys around can make it harder for the kid to focus. Consider setting up a quiet, clutter-free workspace that is comfortable for your child.
  2. Allow time for exercise before your child is expected to focus on learning. Repeated physical activity during school can improve children’s attention. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and prevent anxiety. You may consider having the computer on a raised surface as some children better focus on tasks when standing.  The AOS Virtual schedule allows for frequent “brain breaks” after brief learning sessions.  Encourage your child to participate and take advantage of the opportunity being offered to stand up, dance, walk around, get a sip of water, etc.
  3. Research shows that students who have higher GPAs are usually better at time management. Try to build as much structure and consistency as possible, setting times for meals, homework and other activities.
  4. Provide positive feedback.  Along with encouragement and positive feedback from their teachers, children crave positive attention from their parents.  Putting a check mark, star or sticker on a work assignment or a work chart or calendar for work completed, can go a long way to encourage a child. Other options that may work well with younger kids are giving a sweet treat, allowing playtime with a favorite toy or an extra 15 minutes to play before bedtime.
  5. Help kids stay in touch with their friends.  At AOS, teachers encourage virtual lunch bunches and Friday “afterschool” parties.  When the opportunity arises, please allow your child to stay on the teams call so that they can participate in these friend connecting activities.
  6. Reach out to your child’s teacher.  At AOS, we have arranged the weekly schedule so that parents can set up a day and time each week to connect with their child’s teacher.  These one-on-one sessions may be requested by the parent if not initiated by the classroom teacher.  Difficulties with schoolwork, missed schoolwork and technology challenges are some of the reasons parents may contact the teacher for one-on-one sessions.
  7. Relax and be flexible.  We are all in this together.  This is a new experience for everyone involved.  Do not let the stress of virtual learning cause unnecessary duress.  We are here to assist you and your scholar and help make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Dr. Lambert-Johnson


Upcoming Dates:

  • September 7
    • Labor Day Holiday, No School
  • September 17
    • Parent Information Mtg., K-6th, 6pm (Parent Training on Navigating Channels in Microsoft Teams (6:00pm), Bookmarking and Saving Usernames and Passwords (6:20pm), 6:40 Navigating Canvas
  • September 29
    • Progress Report 1