Today’s Dismissal Process

Dear Academy of Scholars Family,

We would like to extend to you a huge thank you for your patience regarding our carpool process.  Please know that it is our goal to dismiss students and navigate all vehicles through the campus in a timely and efficient manner.

We obviously let you down during the afternoon dismissal process. Today’s dismissal did not meet the high standards we have set for ourselves at The Academy of Scholars. As a result, we are making adjustments based on what we learned.

Here are some of the ways we are Making It Better tomorrow:

Numbers and Names. We have a lot of new and (so far) unfamiliar faces at the school. This made it hard to always properly identify the students as their names were called. We even had quite a few of the younger scholars who, probably due to the excitement of today, seemed to have forgotten their names or didn’t hear them when they were called. We will focus on Numbers, rather than Names, until we get to better associate names and faces of all of the students.

Displayed Numbers. Each scholar has a PikMyKid ID number now. Tomorrow, we will have an ID number that we will place on their backpacks. This should help expedite the dismissal as we match the numbers.

Practice, Practice, Practice. During part of the school day tomorrow, we are going to practice the dismissal process with the students. While we knew what to expect we failed to take the time to show the scholars what to expect.

Faster first wave. We are going to improve the process of better loading the first 30 cars in the queue so the line can move more quickly.

Here are a few ways you can help us tomorrow:

As we work diligently to make certain that your time in the carpool line is reduced, we are asking for your help to ensure that the process works effectively.  The process requires each of you to attach, from the inside of your car, the AOS-provided carpool number (sticker) to the upper right-hand side (passenger side) of the windshield of your vehicle.  If your carpool number is not displayed, it will delay the carpool dismissal process for everyone.

In addition, while in the carpool lane, we ask that you move closer to the car in front of you to minimize gaps between cars and to move cars from the road to the carpool lane.  We have a lot of cars to get into the carpool lane and we need to maximize the space.

Wait Until You Are Here. Do NOT announce your arrival in thePickMyKid app until you are actually pulling into the lot. The PickMyKid App is not supposed to allow you to say you are here until you are actually on campus. Unfortunately, that part is not working. Some individuals were able to announce that they were on campus when they were not.

Again, thank you for your patience as we perfect our dismissal process. We are certain that by all of us working together to take these preventative steps, dismissal will be more timely and efficient.

In Christ,

Stacy Lambert-Johnson
Chief Learning Officer