Attention Parents

You received this notification because 1 or more of the following items has not been completed. Your child will not be allowed to attend class until these items are complete.

Please note, 6 items are listed below. This does not imply that you have not completed all the items. However, our records show that at least 1 of the items has not been completed.

If you are not certain which item(s) has not been completed, please contact the school at 678-632-6001.

1. Tuition payment has not been received.

2. Reservation fee has not been paid.

3. Tuition automatic draft has not been setup. Click here to setup the required monthly draft. Please note a $50 setup fee is required.

4. You must acknowledge that you have purchased the required uniform items from BuckHead uniforms. You can complete the acknowledgement document online by clicking here.

The following items are applicable for new students only.

5. Birth certificate, immunization or dental form not received.

6. Two teacher recommendations have not been submitted.