Dr_ BouieOur Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Wendolyn Bouie is an award winning educator with over 30 years’ experience in both public schools and higher education. During her earlier years as an educator, she served as a middle school teacher, special education teacher, Title I coordinator, and instructional assistant principal.   In  1996, she was appointed  principal  of Gresham Park Elementary School in the DeKalb County, Georgia School System. At the time of her appointment, the school was experiencing a myriad  of challenges, including low student attendance, low student achievement, and poor school­ community  relations. During her tenure as principal, student achievement  as measured  by standardized  test scores improved  significantly, student attendance showed a significant improvement, and parental  participation  and community relations also improved significantly. In order to affect school improvement and turnaround  this failing school, Dr. Bouie developed and implemented a number of innovative  programs,  including:

  • The Family Technology Resource Center, which provided computer training to parents in the community in the evening after normal school hours. Parents were trained in the use of Windows© and the Microsoft Office Suite©, including Word©, Excel©, and PowerPoint ©. Parents who participated in the program were expected to provide a number of volunteer hours to the school.
  • Partnerships with local businesses, including Southside Hospital. Southside Hospital provided a nurse for the school in addition to assisting with implementing community health fairs that provided health screening and other services to residents and children of the community.
  • Development and implementation of the Discovery-Based Learning Program that included a reading curriculum focused on reading classic books as a means of improving reading comprehension.

The improvements at Gresham Park during her tenure did not go unnoticed. During this time, the Family Technology Resource Center received a Computer World award from the Smithsonian Institution and Dr. Bouie received a personal telephone call from then President Bill Clinton congratulating her on the improvements at her school. In addition, she received the M.L. King, Jr. Humanitarian Award, the Presidential Award for Innovative Programs, and the John Stanford Award from the United States Department of Education. This award was presented in a ceremony in Washington, D.C. by then Secretary of Education Richard Riley. Dr. Bouie is the only educator to ever receive this prestigious award. She also received a Community Development Award from the South DeKalb Business Community.

In 2000, Dr. Bouie was appointed principal of Wynbrooke Elementary School. At the time, Wynbrooke was a new school still under construction. Dr. Bouie opened this new school and developed the curriculum and school mission around the concept of a Theme School that was focused on high academic achievement The students wore uniforms and contracts were established with parents concerning their role with assisting their children with reaching high levels of academic achievement as well as their volunteer service to the school. Dr. Bouie continued her focus on the community development and outreach by partnering with less fortunate schools in Niagara who became pin pals for students at Wynbrooke. This relationship resulted in more than $8,000.00 being raised to replace the roof on three schools.

After two years at Wynbrooke, Dr. Bouie was promoted to a Central Office position. During the 2004 school year, she served as Executive Director for Special Projects. In this position, she developed two noteworthy projects:

  • Dropout Roundup -through a variety of outreach activities, high school dropouts were identified and redirected to either re-enroll in school or continue their education through the GED program
  • Project Achieve GED Program in partnership with DeKalb County Juvenile Judges – working in collaboration with Judge Johnny Panos and other DeKalb County Juvenile Court Judges, this program allowed juvenile defenders an opportunity to attend Project Achieve to receive their GED in lieu of jail time. The program has achieved significant results in eliminating incarceration for juvenile offenders who attended and successfully completed the program.

Within a year of this appointment, Dr. Bouie was promoted to Assistant Superintendent for School Administration where she had direct supervisory responsibility over thirty-five principals and the schools in which they were assigned. During her final year with the DeKalb School System, Dr. Bouie served as Associate Superintendent for School Administration. In this position, Dr. Bouie had administrative oversight for all one hundred fifty eight schools/centers and principals in the district.

Dr. Bouie has served as an adjunct instructor at both Argosy University and Mercer University where she taught graduate courses in school administration, leadership, and organizational theory and behavior. Presently, she continues to serve as an adjunct instructor in the Educational Leadership Program at Mercer University.

During the last two years, Dr. Bouie has served as a consultant for The Academy of Scholars where she developed the curriculum and instructional program for the school.

Dr. Bouie holds B.S., M.S., and Ed.S. degrees from Livingston University in elementary education, an M.Ed. degree in educational leadership from Livingston University, an Ed.S. degree in educational leadership from the University of Alabama, and a doctorate degree in educational leadership from the University of Sarasota.