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Fun and Engaging Ways to Turn Your Child Into a Certified Bookworm

7 Fun and Engaging Ways to Turn Your Child Into a Certified Bookworm

Thanks to Hollywood, bookworms haven’t always gotten the respect they deserve. They’re often portrayed as “nerds” or outcasts. And while this may or may not contribute to the aversion that many of the younger generation experience towards reading, it’s far from an accurate picture. As parents, it’s our responsibility to instill in our children a […]

Outdoor Science Lessons

Nature’s Classroom: 6 Benefits of Outdoor Science Lessons

Science, to put it simply, is the observation of the world around us. And while textbooks may hold pages, chapters, and volumes of valuable information, nature will always be the most effective teacher. At our private school in Atlanta, Georgia, we recognize that a purely textbook-based science education can miss the mark when it comes […]

Improving Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills

Creating Coordination: 13 Tips for Improving Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills

Developing fine motor skills is crucial for young children to be able to succeed in the tasks required of them, both in and out of the classroom. Fine motor skills require the movement and coordination of the body’s smaller muscles, like hands, fingers, and wrists. Tasks like writing, using scissors, buttoning clothing, eating, and turning […]

Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

9 Proven Ways to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

Reading is far more than piecing letters and sounds together. In order for a child to excel at this critical life skill, reading comprehension is a must. Children who master the art of reading comprehension are able to understand the meaning and context behind the words on a page, as well as make connections and […]

Cultivate a Love for Bible Reading in Children

5 Ways to Cultivate a Love for Bible Reading in Children

Christian parents know that the Bible is the most important book your child will ever read. It introduces them to Jesus and the good news of the gospel, it’s full of wisdom and sound advice, it points us in the way we should go, and it offers encouragement and hope. However, picking up a Bible […]

Do We Really Need More Screen time in the Classroom

Do We Really Need More Screen time in the Classroom?

Technology has forever changed the way we do life. It’s seeped into every corner, nook, and cranny of society, and it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere. If you’re a parent with students in school, you might be wondering if the use of technology in the classroom is really necessary. After all, keeping the […]

Wish Your Kids Had More Discipline

Wish Your Kids Had More Discipline? Try These 7 Tips

Discipline. It’s the foundation of success in every area of life. From classrooms to careers, family relationships to friendships, discipline is the glue that holds things together. It’s the energy source that keeps things going when times are tough. Here at The Academy of Scholars private school in Atlanta, we believe that students who learn […]

Reyna Dave

What Role Does Parental Involvement Play in Fostering a Love for Reading Among Children?

Parents play a large role in their children’s lives. Children tend to love what their parents love, which gives parents an advantage when trying to instill a love of reading in their children. How can parents foster their children’s love of reading? Some readers shared their perspectives on the matter. Keep reading to find out […]

Iesha Mulla

What is the Importance of Spiritual and Faith Development for Children’s Academic Progress?

Learning isn’t limited to academics. A spiritual education is just as important for developing minds as a secular one. What role does spiritual and faith development play in a child’s education? How important is it? Some fellow followers shared their thoughts on the connection between spirituality and academic progress. Keep reading to find out what […]

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