Coding / Computer Science

Coding / Computer Science

Every Scholar Has the Opportunity to
Learn Computer Science and Coding!

Studies show that most schools in the U.S. do not teach computer science. However, at AOS, every scholar has the opportunity to explore the world of computer science and learn how to code. By making computer science and coding a part of every scholar’s learning experience, we are honoring our commitment to integrate technology into every facet of our academic program. In our computer science and coding class, scholars will learn the science behind programming and designing apps, making video games, as well as the skills needed to use other cutting-edge technology in the realm of computer science and coding.

Why learn computer science/coding?

From the cars we drive to the movies we love, virtually every part of our daily lives involves coding. Coding, or computer programming, is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps, websites, or control anything that has a computer in it. Even toys are digital and many of them are programmable. As our society’s reliance on technology increases, so does the importance of exposing scholars to the language of coding. By incorporating computer science/coding into our curriculum, AOS will be able to demystify the “magic” of technology and allow our scholars to understand the logic and science that controls it. There are currently 517,393 open computing jobs nationwide. Last year, only 42,969 computer science students graduated into the workforce. These jobs are in every industry and are projected to grow at twice the rate of all other jobs. We are confident that our computer science program will not only inspire our scholars to be the great designers and builders of the future but also give them the tools and exposure to be great innovators today.

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