Private Christian School Curriculum


The Academy Of Scholars


The Academy of Scholars strives to prepare its students to be competitive on both a national and global level. As such, we follow the National Common Core Standards in order to achieve learning objectives. We proudly use the complete line of Pearson textbook and curriculum materials, which are at the forefront of the educational field. All of the student textbooks are fully aligned with the National Common Core Standards. In fact, many of the textbook authors helped to develop the Common Core Standards. Therefore, our students are learning concepts and ideas that will position them to excel locally, as well as nationally.

Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a plethora of activities which encourage a wide range of intellectually based learning tools. Teachers will encourage and assist students to not only gain basic knowledge skills, but apply learned knowledge (Bloom’s Taxonomy). Students are taught to make

inquiries and to work both independently and cooperatively to draw conclusions.

Students will use Reading Street, Envision Math, My World Social Studies, and Interactive Science. All of the material is engaging, relevant, and interactive. Students are given the opportunity for numerous hand-on activities and extensive digital experiences. Each classroom is equipped with a 3rd-gen interactive projector, a 100-inch screen, and an electronic wand that allows students to interact directly with numerous online programs, such as virtual labs and simulations, step by step visual animations, educational videos and movies, test practice, and personalized tutorials. Write-in science books allow students to interact more directly with the material and personalize learning. Math textbooks include bold pictures and step by step graphics that capture student interest and incorporate different learning styles.

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