Extraordinary Brick and Mortar/Premier Online Learning ™
An Independent Christian Academy for Age 4 through Grade 6


Jerrika Haynes discusses the loving and joyful spirit of teachers and administrators she has seen and experienced, as well as the wide variety of programs throughout the year.

It’s time for change! Young people are brighter and smarter than ever and each one deserves to attend a school that encourages greatness – not only for themselves, but for the world waiting to benefit from their intellect, ideas, creativity and personal example.

The Academy of Scholars is currently accepting applications from students age 4 through grade 6. We invite you to apply today! We have high expectations of our students and in return, here is what you can expect from us:

  • Proudly located in your neighborhood (Decatur, GA).
  • Accredited with Quality by the Georgia Accrediting Commission
  • A proud member of the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA)
  • Classes taught by state-certified teachers.
  • A school for high achievers.
  • Technology center that provides a computer or tablet for every student.
  • Challenging curriculum that motivates students to find their respective passions.
  • Structure, discipline and a staff of exceptional administrators and faculty.
  • Spanish taught to all ages.
  • Chef-inspired daily catered lunches
  • Modern, technologically advanced and well-equipped facility that enhances the learning experience and a sense of pride for students, parents, and the entire community.
  • Christian institution instills faith, virtue and knowledge in students.
  • Corporate sponsorship ensures this elite learning center of excellence is affordable to students!

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