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The Academy of Scholars


The Academy Of Scholars

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Young people are brighter and smarter than ever and each one deserves to attend a school that encourages greatness – not only for themselves, but for the world waiting to benefit from their intellect, ideas, creativity, and personal example.

The Academy of Scholars is currently accepting applications from students age 4 through grade 6.

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“Building Your Child’s Self-Confidence”

Episode 63: Building Your Child's Self-Confidence

The Academy of Scholars is an independent, Christian school serving children from age 4 through grade 6. The Academy provides an environment of tradition and structure combined with innovation. As a college preparatory institution, our school offers a strong base in core subjects and utilizes both interdisciplinary and cross-curricular learning. Heavy emphasis is placed upon problem solving, critical thinking, and character development. The Academy of Scholars provides scholars with a rigorous and stimulating environment in which to grow and thrive.

The Academy of Scholars is currently accepting applications from students aged 4 through grade 6. We are a school for high achievers. We invite you to apply today!

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What Our ParentsAre Saying

My family has been a part of the AOS family since they opened the doors 8 years ago. I love the mission, the curriculum is challenging, our needs have always been met, and the staff is amazing! I love my AOS family! Thank you for being consistent and adapting to fit the needs of our Scholars!

-- Ellatesha Kenyatta

Why Choose Our Private Christian School in Atlanta, Georgia?

Every child deserves an exceptional, affordable education close to home, which is where The Academy of Scholars comes in. As one of Georgia’s premier elementary schools, we know your child is capable of amazing things, both at our school and beyond. We have our eyes on their future and start today helping them prepare to excel in college, career, and community. While academics are a top focus here, they’re not our only focus. We’re here to cultivate the whole student–their mind, heart, character, and health.

Here’s a closer look at what sets us apart from other elementary schools.


It’s great to be able to read, spell, and solve math problems, but it’s even better to pair that learning with an unshakeable faith. That’s why Christian principles underpin our entire curriculum. From our Bible study to our focus on daily prayer, we’re teaching kids that there’s more to life than the exciting things they see before their eyes.

When they anchor on a higher power, they get a firm foundation for discerning truth in this loud and sometimes confusing world. They learn that their worth comes from their relationship with God–not from a popularity contest. And they learn how to treat the people around them as fellow children of God.

We’re proud to be developing young minds here in our independent Christian school near Atlanta, but we’re even more proud to be developing souls!


Our entire curriculum is structured around a character word of the week, like humility, integrity, kindness, and resolve. We’re dedicated to building kids who do the right thing, not just the thing that everyone around them is doing. The result is respectful, purpose-driven, compassionate kids who care about the people around them as much as they care about themselves.

You can see it in our students’ manners, the way they speak to their teachers, the way they respect our facilities, and the way they help their fellow students. “Train up a child in the way he should go…and he will not depart far from it” (Proverbs 22:6). There’s no substitute for character education, and it should begin at the youngest ages.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

You can see these for yourself when you tour our campus. Our campus is beautiful and immaculate with light-filled spaces, vibrant displays in our halls and classrooms, perfectly manicured grounds, and inviting playgrounds. Our computer lab is a high-tech hub, perfect for helping our students get an edge in computer programming. Each classroom has a 3rd-generation interactive projector with a 100-inch screen that students can interact with through electronic wands. And our library boasts an outstanding selection of books and computer technology for reading and research.

Family Focus

Not only do our students say they feel welcome here, but so do our parents. That is as it should be. After all, you are the number one influence in your child’s life. We love hosting special events that involve parents: Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, dances, and concerts. We keep you informed about your child’s academic progress through regular communication and conferences. When challenges arise with a student, we work closely with parents to find a resolution.


You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to have your child attend a quality private elementary school here in Decatur, Georgia. Not only is our school competitively priced, but there are many scholarship opportunities available to students.


We’ve mourned as a nation as we’ve seen violence rip through schoolyards and classrooms with utterly devastating effects. Not on our watch! Our commitment to safety starts with our principal, Dr. Brian Bolden, who “walked the walk” of safeguarding schools by averting a major crisis in 2013 while serving as the principal of Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy.

With an active shooter on campus, Dr. Bolden acted wisely and decisively, ensuring that every child made it safely home that day. Dr. Bolden’s leadership was so exemplary that he quickly became a sought-after spokesperson on the topics of school safety and crisis management. He made appearances on CNN and other national television outlets and won the praise of then Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Our facilities are secured by entry gates, ensuring that only vetted individuals can come on campus. Our drop-off and pick-up procedures are monitored according to the highest standards. We don’t take chances with your child’s safety.

A Commitment to Loving Each Student

Step inside our doors, and you’ll feel the warm and welcoming spirit that lives here. From the administrators to the teachers to the aides to the front office staff, we’re all on board with the mission of loving our scholars. We know the world can be cruel some days, but school shouldn’t be. We know we’ve done our job when every kid who steps foot on our campus feels like they belong here.


The Academy of Scholars is infused with a special kind of joy. Check out the bright colors in our classrooms, the mood of our teachers, and the passion in their teaching. We incorporate all kinds of “extras” to turn life into a celebration. Our students dress up as wise centenarians to commemorate 100 days in school. We sing. We paint. We wear bow ties and pearls as we master manners. We have some pretty amazing parties for Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. Life’s too short not to be enjoyed, and the joy is palpable at The Academy of Scholars.

Customized Education

Does your child have a unique learning style? We can accommodate it with our curriculum designed for auditory, visual, and tactile learners. At The Academy of Scholars, students don’t just recite letters to learn to spell; they draw words in shaving cream to cement spelling patterns with the help of all of their senses. And they don’t just read about science in textbooks. They dissect frogs in the lab to experience the miracle of anatomy and recreate dinosaur fossils to explore archaeology. To develop language skills and creativity, they write and present poetry at our Poetry Cafe.

We’re also big on small group work that helps kids learn at their level. This means if they’re struggling with a concept, we won’t leave them behind until they’ve mastered it. And if they’re an accelerated learner, we allow them to move forward at their own pace. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all education because every child’s mind and way of learning are different.

A Holistic Approach

From our Christian academy preschool on up, we focus on developing the whole child. In addition to our Common Core-driven curriculum for the basics (math, reading, social studies, science), we branch out to other disciplines: music, art, health and fitness, foreign language, library science, and computer coding. We learn financial literacy by managing “Scholar Dollars” and touring a local bank. We take field trips to art museums, history centers, and botanical gardens to explore the cultural resources around us. Our education touches every part of human development.

Common Core Standards

Haphazard education doesn’t work, so we align our teaching and textbooks with the gold standard: National Common Core. Studies have shown America’s students are falling behind their peers around the world in academic achievement, but our high standards ensure that students can compete on a national and international stage. We’re not just aiming to be “as good as the locals.” We’re preparing our students to measure up against their peers from anywhere in the nation and world.

National Common Core objectives are measurable, so we can gauge our students’ progress and make sure we’re staying ahead of the curve. It starts with our private school for pre-kindergarten and extends up through the sixth grade. Every student benefits from our knowledge-rich curriculum, deep focus on phonics and grammar, and the way we teach not just arithmetic facts but the critical thought needed to master advanced mathematics.

Research-backed Reading Curriculum

Research shows that more reading does not necessarily make a better reader. Reading must be strategically taught through phonics (the relationships between letters and sounds). However, even phonics isn’t enough for some students, who may struggle to separate words into their individual sounds (phonemes). Studies overwhelmingly show that the most successful approach to reading instruction is to teach both phonemic awareness and phonics. At The Academy of Scholars, we do both. And this is joined by a focus on fluency and comprehension.

The result is kids who love to read because they have the tools to decode text and gain meaning from it. When the right reading instruction methods are in place, learning to read can blossom into a lifetime of reading to learn.

An Emphasis on Independence

Eventually, kids fly the nest, and our job is to prepare them to soar. Spoon feeding won’t give them the autonomy they need, but too much independence too soon can backfire. At the Academy of Scholars, we achieve the appropriate balance through a method known as the “gradual release of responsibility.”

All of our teachers are familiar with this method and how to put it into practice. It starts with teaching a concept–not just through words but through multi-sensory experiences that help kids connect to the concept. Once you verify that the concept is understood, you give the student an opportunity to practice it, perhaps in a small group with teacher supervision. When the student is becoming proficient, you allow them to practice individually with the option of teacher support nearby. Only when a teacher can confirm that students have mastered the material are they “released” to fully independent work. This methodology infuses all that we do and creates kids who can act independently and with confidence.


Kids may not always admit they like the “guardrails of consistency,” but they’re vital to learning. When administrators say one thing and teachers say another—or expectations vary from class to class—you start to have problems. Through consistent communication with our faculty, we keep everyone on the same page with standards and expectations. The standard is consistently high, and we are dedicated to enforcing rules consistently and expecting the best from each student.

Unification Through Uniforms

One of the chief ways we unite our student body is through uniforms. Uniforms keep the focus on education, not on who’s wearing what. Uniforms give students a common identity and increase the sense of belonging on campus. Every student knows they’re part of something bigger than themselves. And clothing doesn’t become a dividing point, with the “haves” and “have nots” of fashion forming into respective cliques.

Uniforms also save parents time, money, and effort. There’s no having to splurge on the latest trends or fight “wardrobe wars” over what a student will wear to school.

Come See What We’re All About

If you want something more than a one-size-fits-all public school, come see our private Christian school near Atlanta. People come to us for many reasons: clean and beautiful facilities, a safe campus, a foundation of Christian principles, an excellent staff-to-student ratio, and a strong sense of community. We aren’t beholding to administrators or school board members in an office miles away. Our commitment is to our students and their parents.

If you want “average,” you won’t find it at The Academy of Scholars. But you will find a passionate commitment to an exceptional, Christian-based education. Schedule a campus visit today, and let’s talk about how we can support you in opening doors to your child’s future.

Where Great Education Happens!TM