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The Academy Of Scholars

The Academy of Scholars

Young people are brighter and smarter than ever and each one deserves to attend a school that encourages greatness – not only for themselves, but for the world waiting to benefit from their intellect, ideas, creativity, and personal example.

The Academy of Scholars is currently accepting applications from students age 4 through grade 6.

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“Building Your Child’s Self-Confidence”

Episode 63: Building Your Child's Self-Confidence

The Academy of Scholars is an independent, Christian school serving children from age 4 through grade 6. The Academy provides an environment of tradition and structure combined with innovation. As a college preparatory institution, our school offers a strong base in core subjects and utilizes both interdisciplinary and cross-curricular learning. Heavy emphasis is placed upon problem solving, critical thinking, and character development. The Academy of Scholars provides scholars with a rigorous and stimulating environment in which to grow and thrive.

The Academy of Scholars is currently accepting applications from students aged 4 through grade 6. We are a school for high achievers. We invite you to apply today!

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What Our ParentsAre Saying

My family has been a part of the AOS family since they opened the doors 8 years ago. I love the mission, the curriculum is challenging, our needs have always been met, and the staff is amazing! I love my AOS family! Thank you for being consistent and adapting to fit the needs of our Scholars!

-- Ellatesha Kenyatta