Questions to ask Yourself When Choosing a Christian private School

7 Questions to ask Yourself When Choosing a Christian private School

If you’ve been praying for the perfect Christian private school for your children, we’re here to help. There are so many private schools out there, and we know how protective you are of your impressionable scholars who will make their mark on this world in a big way. You’re passionate about finding a Christian-based school to help them shine, learn and grow to their potential. Here are seven questions to ask yourself while browsing Christian elementary schools.

1. Are They Committed to Their Faith?

One of the reasons you want your children to attend a Christian school is to be surrounded by like-minded people who will help your child strengthen their faith. Is this an actual Christ-centered environment, or is it just advertised as such? Do the faculty members genuinely love Jesus and know his teachings? Are Christian values integrated into the curriculum? What makes them a Christian school?

2. Do they Offer a Top-Notch Education?

If you’re paying for a private school, you should only settle for a school with a positive academic reputation, first-class facilities, and a well-kept environment. Ask to meet some of the staff and get a feel for the culture at the school. What are their ratings? Private school education should get your child ahead, not behind.

The religious aspect is, of course, a crucial element. But religion without academics is basically church. Make sure to send your child to a school with highly esteemed core academics that align with prominent Christian values. At The Academy of Scholars, we offer an ideal balance of faith and academia in an environment that promotes intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth.

3. Is it a Safe Environment?

We can’t ignore the devastating events that have plagued schools across our nation. Above anything else, parents want their kids to be safe. Not only do they want them physically safe, but they want them to feel mentally and emotionally safe in a nurturing environment.

Ask about all safety measures, protocols, and practices. What’s the protocol for people coming onto campus? How will faculty members handle an active shooter or other threats? Do they have regular drills to help students know how to react? If you’re uncomfortable with in-person school, consider a Christian homeschool curriculum offered online.

4. Do They Care About Their Students?

It’s hard to send our little ones to school at a young age, but it’s much easier when we know their teachers care about them. Christian school teachers should not only love God but should also genuinely love their students. Make sure that is the case at your child’s private school. An exceptional teacher recognizes that each child has a unique learning style. They should take the time to understand what works for each child and have a plan for teaching them accordingly.

Consider class size. If a class is too big, there won’t be much opportunity for tailoring learning. Your child could get lost in the shuffle or fall behind. An excellent Christian school will allow students to focus on subjects that interest them so they can excel in the areas where they shine.

Ask about special programs to help kids who need more challenging work or less challenging work. Check on the certifications of the teachers.

5. Do They Practice Positive Reinforcement?

Research shows that genuine positive reinforcement is critical. Our children work well with praise and positivity. Finding a school that fosters a positive learning environment is crucial. Ask what steps teachers take to motivate students to reach their full potential.

You should also find out how they foster positivity among students. Ask how they handle bullying and harassment. Most Christian schools have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any form of bullying. It’s essential to ensure that the school not only has the policy but enforces it and takes action when incidents of bullying and harassment do occur. Peers should surround your child with the same goal: to grow and thrive in a wholesome, faith-based environment.

6. Are They Honest and Transparent?

When searching for a private faith-based academy for your child, look for an institution that maintains full transparency regarding your child’s education. Fortunately, most Christian schools are built on values of honesty and encourage a tight-knit community, including parental involvement.

As a parent, you have a right to ask any question you want and get a clear and honest answer. You can get a feel for whether a school is transparent by asking questions from the get-go and observing their responses.

Check out a school’s online reviews. They should be overwhelmingly positive, but there may be a negative one or two in the mix. If so, see how the school responded to the review and what they did to make the situation better. Acknowledging weaknesses and working to make them better is a positive sign.

7. What type of Extracurricular Activities do they Offer?

The daily academic aspect is vital, but the extracurricular activities may be what your child looks forward to most. Do they have sports, clubs, or advanced learning opportunities that your child is interested in? Are their programs organized and well-run? Having endless possibilities in and out of the classroom can exponentially help your child’s developmental success. Plus, so much hard work inside the classroom deserves some fun outside the classroom.

If this is your first time trying to find a Christian school, make sure to follow your instincts, ask the right questions and ponder which environment will allow your child to shine while growing in faith and contributing to Christ’s ministry in a meaningful way. At The Academy of Scholars, we are a private Christian school with both online and in-person options. We strive everyday to cultivate a healthy, safe, engaging, and faith-rich education. Contact us to learn more.