Stacy Lambert-Johnson

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Our Director of Student Success (DOSS) and Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Stacy Lambert-Johnson, is a 24-year educator who believes that God directs her path and continues to show her the way. After serving in the US Army, Dr. Lambert-Johnson began her career in education in Tallahassee, Florida in 1996 at Tallahassee’s first charter school.  She was honored as “Teacher of the Year” during her first year of teaching.  Dr. Lambert-Johnson was then led to Cleveland, Ohio where she worked as a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade social studies and language arts teacher. During her second year in Cleveland, she was honored as the “Distinguished Teacher of the Year.”

She was recruited into an administrative position after her third year of teaching in Cleveland and began her assistant principalship at a pre-kindergarten – 8th grade Montessori school, followed by a pre-kindergarten – 8th grade Major Works (college prep) school. After only two years as an assistant principal, Dr. Lambert-Johnson was offered a principal position. The school that Dr. Lambert-Johnson was assigned to was in “academic emergency” and designated a “failing” school. After just four years at the school, Dr. Lambert-Johnson and her staff were able to move the school out of “academic emergency” to “continuous improvement”.  Dr. Lambert-Johnson was then assigned to another pre-kindergarten – 8th grade school in Cleveland and remained there for 7 years, each year leading the school to achieve value-added above growth, ensuring that students attained more than a year’s worth of growth in reading and math.

Dr. Lambert-Johnson took her talents from the inner city to the suburbs of Cleveland, to Parma, Ohio in 2014, becoming the first African-American elementary principal in Parma in 2014.  While in Parma, Dr. Lambert-Johnson was instrumental in leading her staff through the change process of writing a building-wide continuous improvement plan, growth plan, and comprehensive Positive Behavior Intervention Support Plan.  She worked with her staff to revise the school’s vision and mission aligning it to a more student-centered approach where students having a voice and assuming leadership roles was the common goal. Dr. Lambert-Johnson worked with community members and parents to ensure continuity of the school’s vision and mission, beyond the school walls.

In addition to her tireless efforts as an educator, Dr. Lambert-Johnson is a 4th grade Sunday School teacher, an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and a mentor.  She is also a mother and a “glamother”.

Dr. Lambert-Johnson