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This Journey Starts With You

Congratulations! You have recognized that elementary school education is critically important. Your child, during these pre-teen years, is in a period of rapid growth: socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. The skills learned in elementary school set the stage for success going forward.

Current research shows that children who do not read at grade level by the end of the third grade are at high risk of dropping out.

The Academy of Scholars Online is an accredited, independent, Christian school. Our brick-and-mortar school serves children from age four through grade 6. Our online school serves kindergarten through grade 6. We are now making our exceptional, Christian, affordable program available online to those outside our geographic reach. We combine the academic structure of a traditional academy – and all of its benefits – with the flexibility and innovations of the online experience. This is what makes The Academy of Scholars Online unique.

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Pearson Education– World Renowned

We use Pearson Education curriculum, recognized as the world’s best. It is designed to provide students with an abundance of intellectually based learning tools, digital texts, and a wide range of activities to encourage and stimulate your child’s learning. Students are taught to make inquiries and to work independently and cooperatively to draw conclusions. We emphasize problem solving, critical thinking, and character development throughout.


Our Subjects – Core and Encore

As in our brick and mortar school, we provide an interdisciplinary and cross-curricular learning approach for all subjects in The Academy of Scholars Online (AOS Online) program. We start with a strong base in core subjects: Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Every scholar also receives instruction in our “Encore” classes: Coding, Bible Studies and Character Development, Spanish, and Physical Education.


Our Schedule – Structured Yet Flexible

AOS Online follows a structure like our traditional school. However, AOS Online frees your student from the constraints of time and space:

  • The lessons are recorded, so your scholar can watch (and re-watch) the lessons anytime. 1
  • They do not have to come to a physical building. They can attend school from your home … or from a distant city where you are exploring museums, visiting relatives, or spending family time together while a parent is on a business trip.


Canvas by Instructure: Our Learning Management System – Used By Colleges

Just as we believe it is not too early to start teaching five-year-olds how to code, we also believe our scholars benefit from a Learning Management System (LMS). This is why AOS Online uses the K-12 version of the Canvas LMS, the fastest growing LMS in the world, used by thousands of colleges worldwide. Our LMS helps our teachers, scholars and parents get the most out of the learning experience. The parent or “coach” (as many refer to the person helping the online student at home) will especially enjoy the efficiency of our LMS. Everything is in one system. AOS Online does not use multiple apps with multiple screens open at the same time which distracts from learning.


Our Teachers – Degreed and Certified

Classes are led by degreed and certified teachers with the skills for online teaching and engagement. Our teachers work as a team, led by our Director of Student Success, Dr. Stacy Lambert-Johnson. The lesson plans break down the skills scholars need to master the curriculum, and for success in today’s economy and world. We want our scholars to be good citizens, with strong moral fiber.

Our teachers live stream with scholars daily and provide timely one-on-one instruction. Lessons are archived so your scholar can watch them when it is convenient, and re-watch them to help work through areas of difficulty. In addition, during conference times, your scholar’s teacher is available to speak directly with your scholar, or you, through our Learning Management System or via phone, email, or online meetings.


A parent and child enjoying the online learning experience.

Traditional School Experience at Home

AOS Online brings the learning to you. We think the structure and benefits of a traditional school coupled with the flexibility of on-line learning provides scholars with a rigorous and stimulating academic environment in which to grow and thrive – accessible anywhere, at any time.

Daily Schedule

AOS Online’s daily schedule provides its online scholars the opportunity to enjoy a traditional school experience in the comfort of their home.  All online scholars are assigned a teacher and will meet virtually with that teacher daily through the school’s learning management system (LMS).  Each virtual school day begins with morning meetings, where teachers engage online scholars with activities that help develop their social and emotional well-being.  Then, teachers expertly instruct online scholars in a virtual setting using both whole group and small group instruction.  In order to further enhance the online scholar’s academic experience, teachers have weekly one-on-on virtual meetings with every online scholar, allowing them the chance to get individualized attention and feedback.

Online scholars will also interact daily with an enrichment class instructor during their Encore classes.  The five Encore classes that online scholars take are Bible Studies and Character Development, Coding/Computer Science, Physical Education/Health, Library and Media Studies, and Spanish.  One Encore class meets virtually each day rotating daily among the five classes.

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Premier Online Learning – 3 Minute Sample

Premier Online Learning – 42 Minute Lesson

We must limit class sizes to accommodate the individualized aspects of the curriculum. Reserve your scholar’s seat today while spots are still available.

1 Some AOS Online small-group and individual activities require scholars to participate in a virtual class setting. But that can be done from any location.

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