Advantages of Sending Your Child to a Christian School

Christ-Centered Learning: 9 Advantages of Sending Your Child to a Christian School

Determining where your child will spend so much of their formative years is no small decision. Chances are, you’ve been weighing your options since they were crawling around in diapers. In today’s cultural climate, the decision seems more crucial than ever. And it is. Parents want to know they can trust the values and influences their children are being exposed to on a daily basis.

When it comes down to it, most parents are faced with three options: home school, public school, or private school. The differences between these options are night and day, which means their outcomes could be, as well. While homeschooling gives you the ability to monitor and regulate what your child is being taught and the influences around them, this option simply isn’t feasible for many families, and some children don’t do well in this kind of learning environment.

If you made it to this article, that probably means you’ve narrowed it down to two choices: public or private. Now, we want to be clear: if you’ve come in search of an exhaustive list of everything wrong with public schools, you won’t find that here. While no school or system is without its flaws, there are so many professionals within the public sphere who are seeking to spread the love of Christ and make improvements wherever they can.

That said, we’ve also seen the incredible impact that a Christ-centered education can have on a child’s life. For that reason, we’d like to share with you 10 advantages of sending your child to a Christian school.

1. A Christian private school can help give your child the foundation of a biblical worldview.

If you want your child to be able to stand firm in their faith as they enter into the real world, a biblical worldview is critical. Here at the Academy of Scholars, our faculty and teachers understand just how imperative it is to help students build a firm foundation of faith, grounded in biblical truth and principles. Society is going to bombard your children with a plethora of worldviews that stand against the truth of the gospel. A faith-based education will help equip your student to know what they believe and why they believe it.

2. Christian schools focus on holistic development.

While many public schools do an excellent job nurturing academic and even physical development, they miss a key element. At a Christian school, your child will also have the opportunity to grow spiritually. From there, every other aspect of your child’s wellbeing has a better opportunity to flourish. Spiritual health is a crucial ingredient for academic, social, emotional, and physical success.

3. A Christ-centered education embraces excellence without demanding perfection.

As believers, we understand that earthly perfection is unattainable. At the same time, the Bible calls us to excellence. As Colossians 3:23 reminds us, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord” (English Standard Version). This means that while we don’t need to demand unattainable perfection, we can help students strive for excellence in everything they do, just as we strive to do in our own lives.

4. Christian schools teach values and principles you can trust.

One issue that many parents face with public schools is not knowing what kind of values are being taught and celebrated in the classroom. No parent wants to have to correct things their child might have learned from their teacher, but when values don’t align many feel compelled to do just that. When researching private Christian schools, be sure to take a look at their statements of faith, research their values, and carefully read through the handbook to make sure you feel confident in the principles they uphold.

5. Private Christian schools are family-oriented.

Educators in private Christian schools know that the classroom is a secondary place of learning. The first is the home and, more specifically, the family unit. Both must work together in order for the student to see optimal success. A good private school will partner with parents by fostering strong communication so that parents can reinforce what is being taught in the classroom, and vice versa.

6. At a Christian school, you’ll find a community you can depend on.

You’ve heard the term “it takes a village.” But not just any village will do. As a Christian parent, you want to know that your village–your community–shares your values and will not only encourage your child academically and socially, but spiritually, as well. When your child is part of a Christian school family, this sense of community can be experienced between parents, students, and educators.

7. Private schools provide a more individualized focus.

Another thing that makes private schools appealing to so many parents is that they generally offer smaller class sizes than their public school counterparts. A more intimate setting allows teachers to better assess and meet the individual needs of each student, creating a more optimal learning environment.

8. Safety is a top priority when you attend a private school.

In many cases, private schools are able to place a higher focus on student safety. These days, you can never be too cautious, and as a parent you crave the peace of mind found in knowing your child is protected while they’re outside of your care. Private schools typically boast more advanced security and undergo more rigorous safety training.

9. At a Christian school, you can have more confidence in your student’s peer influences.

Children of all ages long to fit in with their peers. In far too many cases, this can cause children to make unwise decisions in an attempt to be a part of the “in” crowd. Private Christian schools hold students to a higher standard and have stricter rules and guidelines than you’ll find in a public school. The result? Lower percentages of peer-related issues, such as substance abuse, and a healthier, more uplifting peer environment.

While any academic-driven school can shape a future CEO, a private Christian school can help your child become the kind of leader that the world really needs–one who is led by Christ’s love and by biblical values. A good Christian academy will nurture your student’s intellectual curiosity and spur them on to become a champion for the gospel and a Christ-like leader in the workplace, their community, and at home.