Alicia Bideau

As a child, Ms. Bideau spent time playing “teacher” in her mom’s Sunday school class and fell in love with everything about teaching. As she grew up, she spent years working in various capacities in the church with the concentration on service as Youth and Children’s Ministry Director.

Although she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and worked in the mortgage industry for years, her passion for serving young people was never too far from reach. After having two daughters of her own, her zeal for making sure that her children received the best possible education reignited the fire to once again pursue her love of teaching. She returned to school to pursue a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, which allowed her to return to the classroom in 2012.

Ms. Bideau’s goal is to utilize the tools she has gained to engage scholars not only academically but through civic and societal duties. She strives to create a nurturing, safe, and engaging learning environment, which encourages scholars to always believe in themselves and to do their personal best. Outside of teaching, her greatest joy is spending time with her two precious daughters. She also enjoys offering guidance to the many youths that are in her circle. Her goals include the continued pursuit of advanced study in the field of education.