Coach Barnard Barnes

Physical Education

Coach Barnard Barnes

Barnard Barnes has over twenty years of coaching, mentoring, and facilitating sports camps and skill clinics all over the country and in several different countries. He is a native of Tacoma, Washington, and has nine years of teaching experience. He attended Oregon State University and the University of Washington earning a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Coach Barnes excelled at sports and played professional basketball in many different countries around the world.

Coach Barnes’ teaching philosophy centers around nurturing youth minds and helping them grow into well-rounded individuals. Creating a positive and enriching classroom environment is Coach Barnes’ passion, as he takes pride in contributing to the scholars’ personal and academic development. As a physical education teacher, his primary goal for scholars is to promote their overall physical health and well-being while also fostering life skills and values.

When he is not teaching, Coach Barnes mentors youth and coaches AAU basketball. Coach Barnes is also a college consultant and has assisted many student-athletes in securing college scholarships.

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