Diana Romero

Spanish Teacher

Ms. Diana Romero was born in Mexico City, where she became a biochemical pharmacist. She discovered her love for teaching when she began tutoring her peers and friends in high school. She moved to the United States during the nineties and her first job in Atlanta was teaching Spanish to pre-K children. She became a teacher’s assistant while completing her Master’s degree in Biology from Georgia State University. She has worked with the “No Child Left Behind” federal program and taught at other schools, including language schools. Ms. Romero believes that sharing the knowledge of diverse cultures is key to understanding each other and can help make us better people in society.

Ms. Romero has a sister, who is a Montessori teacher in Madrid, Spain, and a “quinceañera” dog, Canela. She is a committed vegan and volunteers at an online television channel that spreads information fostering peace and promoting healthy, eco-friendly living alternatives.

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