Martin Betch

How can I help my child feel comfortable in online virtual school?

Learning virtually can be challenging for children used to a traditional classroom environment. However, virtual school can be a positive experience and a great option. Here are some tips from our readers to help make learning online more comfortable for your child.

Mo Mulla

Mo Mulla

Mo Mulla, Founder of Parental Questions.

Provide a Space to Work and Structure

The most important thing is to ensure that they have a dedicated space at home where they can focus and learn without any distractions. A quiet, comfortable workspace with perhaps some motivational posters or other decorations to inspire them can go a long way toward creating a positive learning environment.

Also, try to create structure and routine around their virtual school day. Having designated times for when they log on or off, breaks throughout the day, and a consistent schedule of classes can help them stay focused and organized. Make sure [the] child is aware of all the resources available to them. This could include tutoring, extra assistance, or advice from their teachers.

Martin Betch

Martin Betch

Martin Betch, Co-Founder at Hi-van.

Utilize a Dedicated Space in Your Home

Even when kids can’t be in a traditional classroom setting, you may still make your house a place that encourages learning. Allow your youngster to utilize your home office or study for school if you have one. Look into classroom decoration ideas and purchase some enjoyable learning materials.

If you don’t have an office or a study, look for a calm area that you can use only for your child’s education. Ensure your youngster feels at ease in the area and forbid anyone else from using it for anything other than academic objectives.

This teaches your youngster’s brain to adopt the proper attitude when using the computer at their workstation.

Shawn Mahaffey

Shawn Mahaffey is the founder of Wing It.

The More They Know – the Better

Make your child comfortable with online virtual classes by giving them a better understanding of their learning space, their classmates and teachers, as well as how to take notes and answer questions [and] how to use a device during the class. Knowing more about the virtual class will help them concentrate on the lesson and not worry about the class. They will be more comfortable with online classes if they know more about virtual classes.

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