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How can Christian school teachers instill values and encourage their students to follow Christian living?

Simply attending a Christian school will not instill Christian values into a student. What can teachers at Christian schools do to help encourage their students to follow Christian living? How can they ensure values are being imparted on the youth? Some of our readers had some ideas for teachers, or anyone who has an influential role in the lives of young individuals. Keep reading to find out what they recommend.

Jacqueline Servantess

Jacqueline Servantess

Live By Example

    1. Live by Example. One of the best ways to help encourage these things in students is to live it out by example. Be a sincere follower of Christ. Continue in daily prayer, Bible reading, and obedience. Continue to be in community with other born-again Christians and “walk the walk.” This is something that no specific actions or words could necessarily replace, as being that authentic Christian in itself is something that can and will help encourage students to follow that example.

    2. Daily Corporate Prayer and Holy Bible Reading. Corporate Prayer can be a time where The Spirit of God is given space to move and speak through the teacher as well as the students. Students should be free to take part in this prayer time and be encouraged to do so. When possible, each student should be asked to take part and encouraged that even if they are uncomfortable or unsure what to say, once they begin to pray, the words will come to them automatically.

    Bible reading can and should be done as a class on a regular basis (as well as something the students should be doing independently.) They can be taught that when they pray and read the Bible every day, this will help them make the right choices in their life, which will help them arrive at the places they want to be and with the blessings they hope for.

    3. Personal Relationship with Jesus. The students should be encouraged to be sure they are praying and reading the Bible independently on a daily basis as one-on-one time with God. They can be taught that the Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is their Comforter and teacher and loves them tremendously. They can also be encouraged to be sure to give their life to the Lord Jesus Christ 100% and believe in Him with all of their heart, and that in doing so, they will be born again, and from there can be baptized as per “The Great Commission” given by the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 28.

    4. Social Life Awareness. Teach the students that sometimes a person’s circle may “make them or break them,” and review the many Bible verses on this topic. This includes 1 Corinthians 15:33 about how bad company corrupts good morals and Proverbs 13:20. They should know that social media can be a major pitfall for many adults and children alike, with regards to avoiding negative influences or bad behavior. This is something to be aware of and be on guard against as they consider how to handle this big responsibility if it is something that they are taking part in.

    5. The Value of Community. Having people around them to help hold each other accountable, including adults who they can turn to and who will be there to speak blessings into their lives, is also something that they would all ideally have. Through family, church, school, friends, and so on, if they can find and be part of a solid Christian and God-fearing community that they can trust, that walks in holiness and obedience, bearing those good fruits consistently, then that is a blessing that they can be very thankful for. They can continue to pray for it if it is not yet something they already have in place.

Aura De Los Santos

Aura De Los Santos

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Teach from a Perspective of Love

Teachers of Christian schools can inculcate and motivate the students to follow the Christian life by teaching the word of God from a perspective of love and not fear. There are Christian denominations that teach the word of God from a position of fear; they teach others that if they do not follow God and all the established rules they will die in hell. This can make people scared, and they cannot understand the message in a more healthy and positive way.

Teachers in schools can highlight the benefits of reading God’s word, how to become wiser, how to handle difficult situations, how to avoid problems, and how to live a healthier life. They can connect the word of God with the experiences of students. Many students may have problems understanding the word of God since they feel they do not identify with what is written in the Bible, so the teacher must make a connection between what is in the Bible and the lives of the students.

Talking about stories of characters from the Bible who went through different situations and finally solved them can be used to help a student solve a problem they currently have. Seeing that the Bible is a book that can guide them will give them greater curiosity and interest.

Mo Mulla

Mo Mulla

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Incorporate Elements Of Faith

Christian school teachers can instill values and encourage their students to follow Christian living by incorporating elements of faith into lessons, leading by example, engaging in meaningful dialogue with students, setting high expectations and helping them build a strong spiritual foundation. They should also provide practical guidance on how to live a life according to biblical principles. Other activities such as prayer before class and organized field trips that promote learning about Christianity may also be helpful for students in learning the importance of Christian living.

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