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Kathryn Starke

How Can Parents Address Factors Impacting Their Child’s Reading and Understanding Skills?

Reading is the foundation of our education. Reading and comprehension are critical skills that children develop at a young age. What can parents do to help their children address any factors that are impacting their ability to read and comprehend? Keep reading to find out what some literacy advocates recommend parents do to help set […]

10 Strategies for Building Phonemic Awareness

Ready, Set, Read: 10 Strategies for Building Phonemic Awareness

Long before they learn to read, kids must develop a pre-reading skill set. If the goal is to help children recognize words on a page, it is crucial to make sure they can differentiate between individual sounds and begin to understand how those sounds relate to words. This, in a nutshell, is phonemic awareness. Our […]

Secrets for Strengthening Your Child’s Writing Stamina

Write On: 7 Secrets for Strengthening Your Child’s Writing Stamina

Writer’s block. Anxiety. Boredom. Burnout. Even the most seasoned writers are not fully immune from these mental plagues. And for children, a run-in with any one of them can seem insurmountable, leaving students feeling paralyzed and stressed when given a writing assignment with a deadline. Here at our Atlanta private school, we believe these unfortunate […]

Vidya Soman

Is it Beneficial to Send Your Child to School Earlier than the Ideal Age?

With so much pressure to get ahead academically, parents may be tempted to start their child’s formal education earlier. Is that a beneficial choice for the child? Why or why not? Some individuals weighed in on the consequences of starting school before the traditional age. Keep reading to find out if those consequences were positive […]

The Science Behind Brain Breaks and How to Implement Them at Home

Gimme a Break! The Science Behind Brain Breaks and How to Implement Them at Home

Adults and children alike can all relate to that feeling of exhaustion and restlessness while working on a tedious task. Sometimes you just need to take a lap around the office, get up and pour that second cup of coffee, or focus your mind on something else for a bit. In the classroom, our Georgia […]

Simon Bacher

What are the common misconceptions about Christian schools and how can schools respond?

Most of the time, misconceptions or misunderstandings happen because of a lack of information. People who don’t know enough about something often jump to their own conclusions. Christian schools are no exception. Below, you’ll learn some of the common misconceptions regarding Christian schools. Some of our readers also share tips on how schools should respond […]

What Is STEM and How Can It Be Used to Make Learning Fun

What Is STEM and How Can It Be Used to Make Learning Fun?

Parents of school-aged children have probably heard the term “STEM” tossed around by teachers and students, but what does it mean? The short answer is that it stands for “science, technology, engineering, and math.” Teachers at our Atlanta private school have found that integrating these critical skills into the modern classroom is essential for equipping […]

The ABCs of Language

The ABCs of Language: How to Help Young Children Develop Critical Communication Skills

If only helping children develop language and communication skills was as simple as ABC. Although it may be a complicated and, at times, trying process, our Atlanta private school teachers have found many tools and tricks that parents can use to help their children improve these critical skills. Your child’s brain is incredibly complex and […]

Strategies for Improving Parent-Teacher Communication

7 Strategies for Improving Parent-Teacher Communication

Healthy communication between parents and teachers is critical to helping your child succeed and thrive in school. However, these waters can be challenging to navigate. Misunderstandings and miscommunication are just two of the many pitfalls parents and teachers can encounter as they seek to interact. As you prepare for the upcoming school year, developing a […]

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