Scholars Referral Program – Save $1000 + on Your Tuition

Scholars Referral Program – Save $1000 + On Your Tuition

I have wonderful news! I am very excited to announce our Scholars Referral Program.

The Academy of Scholars is dedicated to providing excellent education and also values the partnership we have with the families of our scholars. AOS scholars and parents are our best ambassadors. By sharing positive experiences, you help us to recruit high caliber scholars with the same values as your family, which in turn improves the quality of your child’s experience.

AOS has created the Scholars Referral Program to reward our current families for referring high-achieving students.

The referring family and the newly referred family can each receive $1,000 credited against their tuition for a qualified scholar who is enrolled as a result of your referral.

By referring someone you can change their lives forever.

See the conditions below for the terms of the program.

Save $1,000 + on your AOS Tuition!

The Academy of Scholars is pleased to introduce its new Scholars Referral Program.

Our best advertising comes from you, our current families. We want to thank and reward you for promoting our school to your friends and neighbors. Refer a new family to The Academy of Scholars and both you and the new family each will receive a $1,000 credit to be applied to your tuition and fees!

This is how it works:

  • The referral program is open to parents and legal guardians responsible for paying AOS tuition.
  • Credits will be given for referring new families who enroll at AOS.
  • To qualify, a new student must be from a family new to AOS, with no prior connection to the school.
  • The new family must identify you as the referral source on its first application and do so before a member of the family attends an in-person Open House.
  • A $1,000 referral credit will be awarded for each student you refer but there is one referral fee per family. For example, you refer a family with three students all of whom enroll, you receive a $1,000 credit and the family receives a $1,000 credit regardless of how many students in that family enroll. Thus, there is one referral fee per family. There is no limit to the number of students you can refer and no limit to the number of referral credits you can earn. However, all credits will be applied to reduce tuition and cannot be paid in cash. If you pay the entire tuition through credits, referral credits can roll over to the next school year but under no circumstances will they be refunded.
  • A $1,000 referral credit will be applied to the referring family’s account, and a separate $1,000 credit will be applied to the new family’s account, after the new student has completed one full semester and the new family has paid in full for that semester and paid 80% of the tuition due for the following semester.
    • For a new student who begins on the first day of the fall semester, the $1,000 referral credit would be applied to that student’s account (and a separate $1,000 credit would be applied to your account) when the new family has paid all tuition for the fall semester and 80% of the tuition due for the spring semester.
    • If a new student begins in the middle of a semester, that partial semester is excluded from the calculation. The $1,000 referral credit would be given after the new family pays for the first full semester and 80% of the tuition due for the semester after that.
  • Both your student and the referred student must be enrolled and in good standing at AOS in order for your family and theirs to receive referral credits.
  • Referral credits cannot be transferred to other AOS families.
  • Referral credits can be used to offset both tuition and fees.
  • Referral credits have no cash value and must be applied to unpaid tuition and fees. Unused credits can be used by the same family in future years.
  • You will receive only one referral credit for each family you refer.
  • The Director of Student Success shall have absolute discretion to interpret all program rules and conditions, and to determine eligibility and awards. All decisions by the Director of Student Success are final.
  • The Student Referral Program is subject to change or withdrawal by AOS at any time.

We have introduced this program in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. We may withhold awards where we believe families are acting in bad faith or contrary to the intent of the program. For example, commercializing, advertising, publishing, mass distributing, selling or paying for use of referrals or referral information is not permitted.

To receive credit for a referral, the new family must include your last name and phone number in the Parent Referral field.
See images below.

Scholars Referral Program – Save $1000 + on Your Tuition
Scholars Referral Program – Save $1000 + on Your Tuition
Scholars Referral Program – Save $1000 + on Your Tuition

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