Who we are

Who We Are

Inventing the future by learning today and leading tomorrow!

The Academy of Scholars is an independent, Christian day school serving children from age 4 through grade 6. The Academy provides an environment of tradition and structure combined with innovation. As a college preparatory institution, our school offers a strong base in core subjects and utilizes both interdisciplinary and cross-curricular learning. Heavy emphasis is placed upon problem solving, critical thinking, and character development. The Academy of Scholars provides scholars with a rigorous and stimulating environment in which to grow and thrive.

It’s time for change! Young people are brighter and smarter than ever and each one deserves to attend a school that encourages greatness – not only for themselves, but for the world waiting to benefit from their intellect, ideas, creativity and personal example.

The Academy of Scholars is currently accepting applications from students age 4 through grade 6. We invite you to apply today! We have high expectations of our students and in return, here is what you can expect from us:

  • Proudly located in your neighborhood (Decatur, GA).
  • Accredited with Quality by the Georgia Accrediting Commission
  • A proud member of the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA)
  • Classes taught by state-certified teachers.
  • A school for high achievers.
  • Technology center that provides a computer or tablet for every student.
  • Challenging curriculum that motivates students to find their respective passions.
  • Structure, discipline and a staff of exceptional administrators and faculty.
  • Spanish taught to all ages.
  • Chef-inspired daily catered lunches
  • Modern, technologically advanced and well-equipped facility that enhances the learning experience and a sense of pride for students, parents, and the entire community.
  • Christian institution instills faith, virtue and knowledge in students.
  • Corporate sponsorship ensures this elite learning center of excellence is affordable to students!