Seven Ways Online Education Can Set Your Child up for Success

Seven Ways Online Education Can Set Your Child up for Success

There are many reasons in-person school may not be the best fit for your child. If so, you may have considered online school. While online school isn’t for everyone, it’s the perfect fit for many. It can provide the tools to succeed during the schooling years—and in life. If you’re weighing the prospects of online school, here are just a few of the benefits.

1. Personalization

All children have varying strengths and weaknesses. The better you can cater to those, the better off their education will be. That’s the problem with the one-size-fits-all education that is all too common in in-person schooling.

One of the big advantages of online schooling is that it offers a more customized education. Kids aren’t distracted by a classroom full of other students monopolizing the teachers’ attention or distracting your student. The communication stays between your child and their educator. Through online learning, teachers can narrow their focus to fit their students’ needs without the commotion of dozens of other students in the background.

2. Flexibility

Online education allows you to work at your own comfortable pace and linger in areas where you may need extra practice. Need to spend more time on math and less on English? This is possible without the rigid deadlines of in-person school.

Online school also accommodates different lifestyles, aptitude levels, and circumstances. A child who often travels with their parents may be getting the education of a lifetime from their experiences. They won’t need to give those up because they can access their schoolwork from anywhere in the world right from their laptop. Flexibility is one of the most appealing aspects of online learning. For some families, it’s a no-brainer to choose an online institution.

3. Early Practice with Technology

Our world shifted almost entirely to online everything when the pandemic hit. If you need to learn to work Zoom or navigate online portals, you’re a step behind. Covid-19 may have ignited the shift, but companies around the globe saw the benefits of remote work and online environments, and many decided to stay on that path with no change in sight.

With the workforce focusing so much on digital environments, why not get our children used to that through online learning? That way, they won’t have to face a nerve-racking learning curve in a future job.

4. Reduced Costs

An online school is often more affordable as you’ll save money on transportation, physical textbooks, and other materials. A bonus is that you won’t have to worry about your child losing that expensive math textbook or that unique calculator you sent them off to school with. Students can view their online materials as many times as they want.

5. Supports a Range of Learning Styles

Students who struggle to focus in a classroom may thrive online. Students who are shy and not assertive may find better opportunities to participate in online class discussions. Working from your own space and choosing what works for your learning style can lead to a more prosperous and enjoyable learning experience.

6. Real-time Assessment Tools

Online platforms allow teachers to collect data and track their students’ performance. Most online schools have excellent data tools to track each student individually, allowing teachers to adjust their teaching through trial and error. Teachers don’t often get that luxury with in-person learning.

7. Time Management and Self-Discipline

If you ask a handful of working-class people who are nearing retirement which skill they wish they had been better at, chances are a good amount will say time management. Time management and self-discipline are foundation-setting skills that will aid your children in every facet of their endeavors.

Online learning enhances these skills and sets children up to be independent, efficient, and self-discerned. Most online curriculums are similar to college curriculums where kids bear more responsibility for pacing themselves. This can throw plenty of college freshmen for a loop, but your child will have mastered those skills in online school. Their transition to university academics will be far smoother thanks to the framework of online school.

Many parents don’t feel right about sending their children to in-person school but fear they won’t be adequate teachers in a homeschool setting. Online learning is a great solution. Parents can feel in control and a part of their child’s education without having the sole responsibility.

You know your child best. You know their strengths and weaknesses. You know which environment they’ll shine in. At The Academy of Scholars, we are a private Christian school that offers both in-person and virtual school options. We believe that every child is unique with a unique mind and a unique learning style. Our goal is to prepare our scholars to meet their full potential intellectually, spiritually, morally, physically and socially while feeling safe, supported and loved. Whether online or in person, school should be a positive experience that will equip your child for a lifetime of excellence.