Shaun Coleman

6th Grade Teacher

Mr. Coleman was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida but was raised in Georgia for almost his entire life. During his childhood, he was inspired at a young age to become a professional educator. This passion would be reignited stronger than ever after he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Oglethorpe University. While moving forward to obtain his teaching certification, he worked as a substitute teacher for 4 years to gain firsthand experience in teaching. Finally, his hard work culminated in earning his Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from Mercer University in 2020.

Mr. Coleman plans to use his innovative and open mind to become a proud, skillful teacher at AOS. Mr. Coleman loves building a positive connection with students and firmly believes it is the foundation for better learning as well as a welcoming and enriching classroom environment. In his classroom, Mr. Coleman always pushes students to think creatively and critically and to understand that what they learn in school will help better prepare them as they grow. No breakthrough is made without some mistakes, so Mr. Coleman always seeks to make his classroom a place for students to confidently and safely engage in learning.

When not in the classroom or planning, Mr. Coleman loves to watch movies, cook a wide variety of food, and play games with his friends. Mr. Coleman is thrilled to work with students and parents at AOS!

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